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With 45+ years as a Licensed Real Estate Broker and 30+ years of experience providing Real Estate Auction services, Paul A. Lynn, CCIM and members of Paul A. Lynn & Associates, LLC have developed extensive relationships and affiliations with both the real estate and auction industries. The following are some specific Affiliated Relationships and Strategic Partnerships where Paul A. Lynn & Associates, LLC members can provide expanded services:


Schrader Auctions: Schrader Auctions is one of the largest auction firms in the U.S. that specializes in tillable farmland and ranch property auctions. Over the last few years Mr. Lynn has worked with Schrader Auctions as the Broker of Record for several auction events that involved thousands of acres. Mr. Lynn participated in an auction that included over 13,000+ acres in 6 states, 5,000 acres in the Texas Panhandle, and number of multi-hundred and multi-thousand-acre auctions. Schrader has the capabilities to auction all types of large acreage tracts throughout the country.


Hilco Real Estate: After a number of years as an Independent Agent, serving as a Senior Project Consultant with Hilco Real Estate, Paul Lynn still maintains an affiliate relationship with Hilco Real Estate, part of the Hilco Global Family of Companies. Hilco Real Estate provides services for disposition of all types of commercial real estate assets, via live auctions, on-line auctions, traditional brokerage, lease restructuring and acquisition of many types of “special assets” that have difficulty being sold through traditional disposition methods.


Hilco Industrial: Over the last few years Mr. Lynn has developed a “special” relationship with several members of the Hilco Industrial (HI) team. Through regular attendance on the HI weekly pipeline calls and participating in marketing calls, Mr. Lynn has developed a general knowledge of the types of assets and services the HI team can provide. HI can provide asset and company valuation services; Buying, Seller, purchasing or other hybrid acquisition and disposition methods for all types of personal property. HI works throughout the world in North, South & Central Americas, Asia, Europe and Australia. Assets types include: Industrial Equipment, Machinery, Rolling Stock and many other types of industrial personal property.


Hilco Global: Hilco Global is a worldwide umbrella organization for 20+ divisions that provide all types of disposition and restructuring of all types of real property, personal property, bankruptcy, corporate restructuring, intellectual property and many types of unique assets that are hard to value on a traditional basis. With Paul Lynn’s previous affiliation with Hilco Real Estate, Mr. Lynn can contact and access many of the restructuring professionals throughout the Hilco Global family of Companies.


CCIM: As a 30+ CCIM Designee, Mr. Lynn has developed relationships with many CCIMs throughout U.S. and throughout the World. There are nearly 10,000 CCIM Designees that feel we are part of “special” network. CCIMs have expertise in all types of commercial real estate including: Leasing, Disposition, Development, Finance, for all real property asset types. For more information on CCIM, see CCIM tab on the Web Site.


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