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CCIM rests predominately on a three legged stool:

N:     Networking

E:     Education

T:     Technology

Networking: The CCIM organization offer many areas where members can Network to interact with other CCIM Designees, Candidates and other interested real estate professionals.  Networking opportunities with CCIMs can take place at local Chapter activities and events; Regional marketing programs; National events and conferences; Industry conferences and meetings; Through CCIM Web site directory and other methods that are constantly being introduced to encourage CCIMs to work with and “do deals together”.  Another great networking opportunity takes place between students attending various courses.  CCIMs feel comfortable that when they contact another CCIM knowing their CCIM counterparts have gone through the same CCIM education, training and development of the “win/win” philosophy.

EducationCCIM was initially founded on the basis of providing commercial real estate practitioners with a detailed education program that used discounted cash flow analysis to put commercial real estate on an equal basis with other investment vehicles like stocks and bonds.  Over the years the curriculum has transformed with changes in the investment world and now integrates technological tools in providing an analysis of the investment value of real estate.  The courses are taught by real estate practitioners that are active in their own day-to-day real estate businesses and not by full time educators.  The requirements to obtain the CCIM designation today include 4 core courses, an advanced interest based negotiations course, submission of a detailed resume showing competency, an optional 2 day Course Concepts Review course (the few days before the Comprehensive Exam) and a Comprehensive Exam.  Courses are now offered over multiple platforms that include: Traditional 5 day in class format; on-line self-study format; hybrid format that includes instructor led 2 and days of information in an on-line format (over a few week period) followed by 2 and days in a classroom setting.  Education is an ongoing requirement and most states now require some form of Continuing Education in order to maintain licenses, with the constant change taking place in the real estate practices and techniques, the CCIM Institute recently created the Robert L. Ward program to provide and create 1 – 3 hour webinars and 1-2 day classes on a broad range of current real estate activities.  These are geared to Designees and other real estate professionals, to learn new skills or sharpen skills that have gone dull over the years.  Paul A. Lynn, CCIM teaches a 90 minute “Fundamentals of Real Estate Auctions” 2 – 3 times each year.

TechnologyAs detailed presentations, computers and now other hand-held and tablet devices have become more prevalent in the marketing, sale and management of real estate, the CCIM Institute created the Site to Do Business Online (STDB) as a member service to provide its members a cornucopia of services that individually would cost an individual thousands of dollars to obtain comparable services.  Some of these include: Detailed Demographic information; Quality aerial photographs; Pictometry Oblique Imagery; Mapping capability; Ability to annotate presentations; Traffic counts; Walk/Transit scores; Downloadable detailed business lists and many other services and programs some for substantially discounted fees.  The bottom line is CCIM Tech is a broad-based technology services platform that is ever changing and proves members of the CCIM Institute the most up-to-date technological presentation and information services available in the marketplace today and tomorrow.


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