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Paul A. Lynn, CCIM

Paul A. Lynn, CCIM - Professional History

With over 45+ years in commercial real estate marketing and 30+ years real estate auction experience, Mr. Lynn has had the honor of working with, exposure to and learning from some of the true experts and leaders of real estate sales, auctions, brokerage, and development during this past half century.  While the bulk of these have been in the Midwest and Texas, Mr. Lynn has also had exposure to many other national and international real estate luminaries through the CCIM Network and other real estate professional organizations.

Some of these people and companies include:

                  Arthur Rubloff & Co.

             Arthur Rubloff

             Able Berland

             Bud Adelman

             Michael Silver

             Goldie Wolfe Miller

             Lee  Miglin

             Paul Beitler

             Howard Ecker

             Century Development Company

             Kenneth Schnitzer

             Richard Everett

             Claude Wynn

             Neil Tofsky

             Doug Schnitzer

             Ric Campo

             Ed Wulfe

             Lou Cushman

             Grubb & Ellis

             Metro Media Company

             Sheldon Good & Company

             Sheldon Good, CCIM

             Steven Good

             Gordon Greene, CCIM

             Mac McClure, CCIM

             Hilco Global

             Hilco Real Estate

             Hilco Industrial

             Neil Aaronson

             Jeff Heckman

             Tom Greco

             Schrader Auctions

             Rex Schrader

             RD Schrader

             David Mincberg

             Houston Housing Authority

             New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA)

             San Antonio Housing Authority

             Beaumont Housing Authority


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