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PAL Auction Advantages

Real Estate auctions are used extensively in other parts of the world, particularly in Australia, Asia and parts of Europe: in some countries as much as 75% of real estate sales are through some type of auction or bidding format.  In the U.S. real estate auctions are becoming more prevalent and are not just for distressed properties. We are also seeing in this current market that banks and other financial institutions are using loan portfolio note auctions as an alternative to foreclosing and taking “fee” ownership and transferring obligations of the loan to a new operator.  Over the past few years we have been working with Housing Authorities and other governmental entities helping them place surplus properties back into productive commerce, paying taxes and reducing blight within the community.  While an auction can help find the “true market value” for certain distressed properties and loan portfolios, at the other end of the market, with a highly desirable and sought-after properties, an auction can help find the competitive value on the “upside”.  With no list price, all bidders are invited participate on a specific day and a high demand property can obtain top dollar, like fine art or fine jewelry in an estate sale.  

Real Estate Auction Advantages:

  • Auctions establish value

  • Establishes no maximum price

  • Auctions freeze conventional activity

  • Focuses market attention

  • Highly Transparent Process

  • Eliminates carrying costs

  • Auctions create a deadline

  • Drives immediate action

  • Scheduled On-site inspections

  • Property Sold on an “As-is, Where-is” Basis

  • Establishes atmosphere of excitement &  competition  - “competitive bidding”

  • Helps expedite 1031 Exchanges

  • Seller can construct the desired “terms” of the transaction

  • Deposits go “hard” immediately

  • Closings 14–45 days after auction


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