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With over 40+ years commercial real estate experience and 30+ years affiliation with premiere auction marketing organizations, Paul A. Lynn, CCIM operates as Paul A. Lynn & Associates, LLC to assist clients in Real Estate and Personal Property Disposition Strategies – Solutions.  Having experienced varied markets over the last many years, the primary focus of Paul A. Lynn & Associates, LLC is the marketing of commercial, residential, Governmental and special purpose real estate through accelerated auction marketing processes.  We have recently become affiliated with a personal property machinery and equipment firm that can buy, sell and market all types of personal property, on an international platform. Also, we have an established relationship with a firm that is one of the leading auction companies in the sale of large farm and ranch properties throughout the country (300 – 3,000+ acres). 
As many local and national real estate markets have gone through transitions over the past few years, values have become more difficult to determine and both sellers and buyers are confused as to the value or “how much to pay” for a property.  Auctions provide a method for determination of today’s “true market value” for a property.  We are in unprecedented times where mortgage interest rates are still low, but access to any type of financing is more difficult and often confusing.  Many banks, lenders, Governmental agencies and other owners need to look for alternative methods for the timely sale of their surplus real estate assets.
At Paul A. Lynn & Associates, LLC, through our auction and marketing programs, we will assist sellers in selling difficult to sell or difficult to value properties at today’s “real market value” and buyers pricing decisions will be reinforced by the fact that another buyer was willing to pay one increment less in an active bidding environment.  Paul A. Lynn & Associates, LLC, together with its strategic auction, real estate and personal property partners, offers creative alternative methods for the timely sale of any type of real estate and personal property assets during these unparalleled and confusing times.


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