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Why Buy at Auction?

Throughout history auctions have been used as the primary method of commerce to find “true market value” for almost any type of property, commodity or service.  Buyers participate in auctions for any number of reasons but the overwhelming buyer motivation is the feeling of “getting a great deal”!  There are many types of formats for auctions that have evolved over the centuries; the most prevalent has been the live open outcry auction. Over the last few years Sealed Bid sales, Loan Portfolio sales and Internet auctions have also become popular methods of bid sales.  Some of the key reasons why buyers participate in real estate auctions include:
  • Buyers can name their price

  • Buyers feel their bids are validated seeing someone else willing to pay one bid increment less

  • Buyers know that the seller has taken a serious approach to sell its real estate

  • Buyers are treated fairly and on the same terms as others competing for the property

  • Auctions eliminate long negotiation periods

  • Closings can be completed quickly

  • Buyers can use auction properties to fulfill requirements for 1031 exchanges


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