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Paul A. Lynn, CCIM has been involved in the marketing, leasing and sale of commercial real estate for over 40+ years with 30+ years having been spent in marketing properties through accelerated marketing techniques of auctions and Sealed Bid sales.  However, not every property is an appropriate auction candidate. With our extensive experience and broad-based exposure to many various markets that auction sales provide, Paul A. Lynn & Associates, LLC looks to work with their clients in providing a full range of real estate marketing recommendations which may include a disposition program or recommendation for the client to “hold” until market conditions modify or strengthen.  Paul A. Lynn & Associates, LLC, either directly or in conjunction with other strategic partners, can recommend various programs to accomplish the objectives of the client.  Some of these include:
  • Auction – Accelerated Marketing Program

  • Traditional brokerage marketing sales program

  • Providing Broker’s Opinion of Value (BOV):  While not a certified appraisal, the BOV will give an owner an active Broker’s perception of current market conditions and value

  • Hold the property and reposition to expand buying universe

  • Create alternative leasing program to increase NOI

  • Upgrade or modify the physical condition of the property

Fee structures for Brokerage/Advisory services vary depending on the type and depth of services required and can be structured as follows:
  • Hourly fee

  • Designated maximum project fee

  • Contingency Fee (Sales Commission)

  • Hybrid combination

Our goal is to always create a positive long term relation with our clients and make recommendations that fulfill both their short and long term objectives of both the property and the client.

Expert Witness

With the experience gained through 40+ years of working with many types of commercial, residential, special purpose properties, using both auction and traditional disposition methods, Mr. Lynn has developed an expertise in selling and valuation of non-traditional and distressed real estate.  Mr. Lynn also has knowledge and expertise in the processing and operation of various property disposition techniques.  Mr. Lynn is available to provide expert testimony for attorneys, advisors, consultants, property owners, seller and buyers, involved in litigation or other types of dispute resolution.
Fee structures for Expert Witness services vary depending on the type and depth of services required and can be structured as follows:
  • Hourly fees for research or providing report on the issues

  • Project fee based on time, scope and depth of required assignment

  • Deposition fees based on time required to prepare and testify

  • 1/2 day and full day testimony fee

  • Reimbursable expenses TBD

Personal Property

Through various affiliations Mr. Lynn has developed relationships with several Personal Property organizations. These firms have the ability to buy, sell, auction, broker or any number of other alternatives for companies that may have machinery, equipment, rolling stock or fixtures to dispose of or may need valuation. Personal Property may be sold either as part of a real estate transaction or separately as part of a Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The seller or client can be directly with the company that needs to dispose of assets, banking organization, trustee, receiver or any group that has the authority to dispose of the personal property. Fees are flexible based on the services to be provided.


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